The Time To Divest is Now

Get Your College Out of the Fossil Fuel Business!


Did you know that part of the way your college pays its bills could be through investments in fossil fuels? Are you OK with that, or would you rather they divest from those anti-green, ultra-polluting industries? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Now is the time to take action, and there’s plenty you (whether you’re a student, faculty member or administrator) can do to help your college make better decisions that can positively impact your campus, community, and planet.

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I really think there's nothing that is a greater takeaway for me from Harvard’s divestment than that persistence is powerful - sustained collective organizing makes institutions move.

Ilana Cohen
Organizer, Divest Harvard

What’s an Endowment?

Your tuition is only part of the story—most schools have an “endowment,” a collection of investments (bought with alumni donations, etc.) that pay dividends. That income helps keep the lights on and pay for things like salaries, scholarships...that kind of thing.

How is my college’s endowment funding fossil fuels?

A large part of the donations to your college are turned into investments, and some of those may very well be in the fossil fuel industries. That means your college could be earning money from oil, gas and coal...some of the primary causes of the climate change that’s wreaking havoc all over the world. If your school pulled out of those investments, it would stop contributing to the destruction of the environment.

What can I do?

A LOT. For starters, find out if there’s already a group on your campus fighting this fight (chances are, there is). If not, start one! If you need help or resources, there are a number of national organizations just waiting to provide you all the support you like. Click the button below to find out more about the divestment movement, and how you can play a huge role in getting your college to drop out of dirty investments and take a turn toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow!

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